The Team

Over 30 years of content production expertise, at your fingertips.

Creativity is our DNA

Our expert team have developed their design, editing and creative skills since the early 90's. Working with 100's of design, agency and production teams across the globe, from Cape Town to LA, London to Glasgow. 

We understand the need to deliver quick turnaround on projects and have tried and tested pathways to creative excellence, for you and your clients.

We believe creativity, harnessed with technology is the key to successful content delivery and one of the best ways to inform, enlighten and create bespoke messaging for your brand, company or product. 

Stories are a deeply human activity and can establish a strong sense of connection. Tell the story of how your business came into being or some other part of your history that really speaks to what your business is all about. This is a great way to make your business feel more human and build trust with visitors.

Brendon - Creative Director

Brendon began working in Film and TV in 1993, has worked through the ranks and has cultivated a strong deliberate directing style with an innovative, creative and insightful approach to telling stories. He has won numerous awards for his work in Cinema, Documentary and TV.

With his 25 years of writing, shooting and editing bespoke content for 100's of clients, he is always ready to try new ways of bringing your story to life, in the best way that works for you!

Brendon is a Writers Guild member and an RSA Fellow.

Graeme - Illustrator

Graeme has delivered incredible super-real creative artwork, 3D illustrations and animations since designing one of the first 3D morphs in South Africa, in 1992. His unique perspective and critical attention to detail are the very skills that differentiate his exceptional work.

Working in Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and various other powerful and effective tools and technology, Graeme has a scientific and practical approach to delivering his unique style of Super-Real content.

Roelof - Storyboard Artist

Roelof has been a key and integral part of 100's of TVC's, Feature Films and comic book productions, delivering conceptual and storyboard illustrations for over 15 years.

His very clear and astute understanding of production and shooting methodology affords him the opportunity to create detailed boards, to tell your story. Using animatics, storyboarding and colour renderings of scenes and conceptual development, Roelof brings ideas onto the page with rapid ease and deft artistry.

Rudolf - Director & Editor

Rudolf began his film adventures in Pretoria, South Africa and quickly differentiated himself as a fierce and passionate director, seeking out the more avant garde stories to tell. With a move to the UK he notched up a number of award winning films, including "REARVIEW" which was the first outing for the Brendon/Rudolf team.

Currently in Los Angeles, Rudolf has directed a number of award winning feature films and also hones his craft at the edit desk, cutting feature trailers, feature films and corporate material.

Rudolf is a BAFTA and DGA member in good standing.