"To transport the script to a visual feast, the storyboard is the knife and fork" - David Fincher

From idea to concept to storyboard

Once the script is final drafted, we get involved with the delivery of the camera movement, the look, the feel and the treatment of the piece, visually!

With our highly skilled and adept storyboard artist, Roelof, we begin to depict your story, as you intend it to look, in rough feel, tonal rendering  and/or full colour rendition, depending how detailed you would like to define the boards.

Creating movement with animatics

How and when the camera moves in or out or around action and the intricacies of character interactions and their environment sometimes requires deft visualisation and clear communications. 

Using moving animatic elements helps the director, producer and production crew define what is required for the shots and prepare budgets and necessary props and equipment.

Our illustration team can do the animatic elements alongside developing the storyboard, to save time and efforts, giving you a cost effective way to visualise your project.