Editing & Post Production

"...it is fine, we'll fix it in post." - George Lucas

Agile, versatile and technologically creative!

Our post production team creates and delivers workflows with fully licensed Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Final Cut Pro X and a plethora of digital support software and hardware, all geared to produce storytelling excellence.

Whatever your outputs need to be, we can make sure our workflow elements are compatible with the desired delivery and format.

Keep It Simple Silly

We are only really as good as the tools we use and the Ozyris team choose only best and most effective for the job at hand. Blender is now beginning to play a very prominent role in the 3D and SFX realm in major feature films, so we use that.

Logic Pro X is our prefered audio production platform and with published and released music tracks, ambience and SFX in numerous productions, we are glad to have this in our tool kit. 

FCPX is our often used platform for corporate and documentary editing, easily accessible on our laptops on location, we can rough cut on-the-fly and use it to create instant social media content.